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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Third week in Edinburgh

Although the actual three week mark isn't until Wednesday and I was supposed to do this yesterday I am going to do this now. For all of those concerned I am very much alive and kicking. I am loving every minute of being here in this lovely city and this beautiful country. I may not have left the city itself but i have seen it in it's from a hill nearby called Arthur's Seat. From a hill next to it I took this photo and saw the surrounding country side. I could see the rolling hills, the bay,  and it truly makes you think about everything. It is one of those moments where past, present, and future slam into you at once and you don't really know what to do with these fleeting seconds of life. It is as if the whole of the world just crammed into your head and the wide range of emotion that us as human beings are capable of experiencing ingrained themselves into my little ole mind. I thought of Texas, the riverside I have come to call home these past 5 or so years, my friends, family, my fears, my joys, sorrows, and my future. Anything and everything that one can think of brushed across my speechless mind as I gazed across a place that has seen so much of history and the human experience. In that moment I knew in my mind that I may not know what would happen to me in the following months but that I would be ok in the end. That I would come back a better man, and person then I currently am. I may be 21 but there is a lot that I don't know and have yet to learn about what it means to be someone on this little planet we call home. But most importantly, through everything, in that moment of beauty and realization I look down and see the most amazing thing, and a sight I will carry with me the rest of my days when I am an old and balding man. I saw that someone had taken the time to hike up this imposing hill, someone I am likely to never meet, and constructed a giant penis out of stone for the whole world to see.

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  1. Sam, love hearing what you're experiencing and your perspective on what a speck we are in this world and universe! Look forward to more pictures and observations.
    Love and take care of yourself, Auntie c